🏃‍♂️ Slow and made slower by people asking for directions 😑

So this is it. GarageBand and its nagging red notification in the App Store will be the thing that persuades me to recklessly upgrade to Big Sur before it’s sensible…

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @origincoffee La Huella (Natural) from Nicaragua today. Tasting notes are “Blackberry, nectarine, brown sugar”.

La Huella (Natural) by Origin Coffee

Looking to replace Evernote. Spent 2 weeks trying to make Keep It work - looked perfect for my needs. Sadly, even after the developer fixed a bug I found syncing, OCR and export are all far too unreliable to be usable (let alone trusted). Moving on 😔

Please recommend me a personal document management app for Mac that you use and like. I need to store PDFs and have full-text search inside them. Bonus points if that app can OCR docs.

(it’s time to look for an Evernote-exit - their new Mac app is too basic)

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @craftingcoffee El Muro from Colombia today. Tasting notes are “Berries, candy, treacle”.

El Muro by Craft House Coffee

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @thomsonscoffee Matinilla Fancy from Costa Rica today. Tasting notes are “White nectarine, marzipan, milk chocolate”.

Matinilla Fancy by Thomsons Coffee

Turns out I didn’t actually buy a 5G iPhone after all.

Of course the smart people that told me my eSIM transfer wouldn’t work smoothly as promised by my network operator were correct 😒


New @361podcast review robot doing it’s thing 🎉

Amazed any Javascript I could write would actually work…

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @hasbean Doi Pangkhon Black Honey from Thailand today. Tasting notes are “Milk chocolate, hazelnut, macadamia nut”.

Doi Pangkhon Black Honey by Has Bean

🏃‍♂️ Beginning to become quite clear the effect late nights have on me. Going backwards today.

Looks like the inelegant ‘eSIM suffle’ I have to do every year every year when upgrading iPhones will be easier this time.

I think this is the first medal (even for participation) I’ve ever got for anything remotely sporty 😄

A slow ‘virtual’ 10k in pouring rain, but I finished! Couldn’t run for 2mins continuously back in March.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @origincoffee Reko from Ethiopia today. Tasting notes are “Apricot, yuzu & caramel”.

Reko by Origin Coffee



New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @thomsonscoffee Red Ruby from Brazil today. Tasting notes are “Full body, winey, dried fruits, juicy, wild honey”.

Red Ruby by Thomsons Coffee

UK iPhone Upgrade Programme options during lockdown

TL/DR: You can choose to use the Upgrade Programme again (but wait) or buy your next device online at launch (but get a less convenient next upgrade).

There are far more important things happening in the world right now, but I was disappointed to get an email from Apple saying that the Upgrade Programme wouldn’t be available for iPhone 12 Pro Max (and iPhone Mini) pre-orders on launch day.

There was confusion over options for people - like me - who already had handsets on Upgrade Programme and also wanted to upgrade in November, so I spoke to Apple and these are the choices:

  1. Use Upgrade Programme again: It’s (still) only available in-store so you’ll have to visit when they re-open. Assuming the UK’s national lock-down ends as planned, this would be 3rd December earliest with - presumably - some backorder delay for popular configs.

  2. Leave Upgrade Programme with your current device: Pay-off the outstanding finance direct to Barclays (equal to 7 monthly payments for me as I’ve made 13 of the 20 for my 2019 device). You then own the handset outright and can sell it or trade-in on Apple’s web store. You may need to contact AppleCare to notify them that the finance has been settled to trade-in otherwise the serial number will be rejected.

  3. Leave Upgrade Programme by returning your current device: From 16th November Apple Stores will be operating a drop-off facility to return Upgrade Programme devices (they’ll operate other ‘contactless’ services from stores throughout lockdown, but this Upgrade Programme drop-off will only be start on the 16th). This will end the agreement and settle the finance, similar to doing it in-store as before but without the option to immediately upgrade. Until all the details are announced I am assuming Apple won’t refund any ‘excess’ value from the device - they wouldn’t if you upgrade.

If you leave the Upgrade Programme to secure a device on launch day Apple now offer 0% interest financing over 24 months on handsets, but without the convenience of being able to settle the finance by returning the device at the next upgrade.

I was wondering how Apple would handle the Uprade Programme during lockdown in England. I guess this is my answer, although I’d hoped they’d find another way ‘round it.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @TheGBswhatwhat Fez from Costa Rica today. Tasting notes are “Strawberry cheesecake with rosé acidity”.

Fez by The Gentlemen Baristas

Hooray! New coffee day. ☕️😋

TIL: Apple’s new MagSafe standard for accessories includes NFC to allow the phone to identify them. This is how phones know what colour case they’re in (for example).

Does anyone have any Micro.blog tips on how to embed tweets (or similar) without it getting ugly on the MB timeline and in cross-posting? Is there anything I can wrap embed code in to exclude it from cross-posting? @help?

Tips appreciated.