Wow. is brilliant and silly.

Office365 still enthusiastically pushing this Ottowa coffee shop as the location for all of my team calls, despite the fact that I (and all invitees) are in the UK.

New ☕ coffee day!

Opening the @TheGBswhatwhat Top Hat from Nicaragua today. Tasting notes are “Apricot jam, malted biscuits, caramel finish”.

Top Hat by The Gentlemen Baristas

This is the coffee jar of shame. It’s where all the ‘end of bags’ go and - like today - what we drink when we run out.

The best coffee, blended in the worst possible way 😬☕️


This Monzo pot image generator tool is brilliant and I updated all mine with nice consistent images.


I did DIY.

Will the house burn down? Will it ever be the right temperature again? Will the other 7 take 2hrs each too? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Sorry for the feed noise. Was testing a Zapier integration.

I am very much here for the idea of being able to summon flying coffee…

Coffee among items now deliverable by drone in Galway

5 years ago today we were in Wisconsin where they have real pumpkins and lots of them. These were the small ones 😀

“Oooh” indeed @monzo 🙌

PSA: Want a money refund for a cancelled Ryanair flight you booked direct? Turn off ad-blocking in your browser before clicking the emailed link.

With ad-blocking on you’re re-directed to an irrelevant page for 3rd party bookings that asks for lots of scanned forms 😡.


Reminded today, out of the blue, of the time I found myself accidentally in the launch video for ‘Ubuntu for phones’. I think they wanted sense from @rafeblandford and let @ew4n and I join in out of sympathy.

Morning run snaps.

My contribution to the “a day in the life” photo challenge. This was taken at 09:13am on the edge of Alice Holt Forest in Hampshire, UK.

I’ve come back to micro-blogging to share things in a more lasting way than Twitter, but without the friction of writing a blog post.

Sunlight through forest trees in mist


Oooooh. How exciting!

This is my attempt at an arty photo, taken before the mist burned off in the forest this morning.


New coffee day ☕ 🎉

Opening the @pharmaciecoffee Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón from Mexico today. Tasting notes are “Pomegranate juice and golden raisin notes with a Nutella body and finish”.

🏃‍♂️ Dammit … 20secs off my best.

Didn’t know about this… Press and hold iOS ‘Do no disturb’ button for options to turn it on for this location or the current diary entry.