This is a ‘note to self post’ for reference later.

At the recent ‘Gov DMs in the Ether #7’ event I asked other delivery managers across government for advice on measuring team happiness whilst everyone was working from home. I was curious what techniques my peers used in addition to what people self-reported, when they lacked the normal cues of body language and personal interactions.

I got some excellent suggestions:

  • Encouraging (celebrating, even) respectful conflict.
  • Drawing up a team charter.
  • Leaving stand-up calls open after they’ve finished for casual / follow-up chats (or opening the call early).
  • Running an anonymous temperature check exercise collecting a ‘happiness score’ and reason why.
  • Using an approach like Niko Niko.
  • Encouraging the group to be (when needed) ‘unhappy out loud’ and agreeing as a team that that is a sign of trust.

This is far from an exhaustive answer, but it was 6 good starts that give me threads to follow-up. My thanks to everyone who answered my question and the facilitator.