I couldn’t find this data for my own use so I collected it by setting my Hue lights into each of the default scenes for ‘White Ambiance’ bulbs and reading the colour temperature for each.

This list is from warmest to coolest:

  • Nightlight: 2237k (447 mireds) at 1% intensity
  • Relax: 2237k (447 mireds) at 57% intensity
  • Dimmed: 2725k (367 mireds) at 30% intensity
  • Bright: 2732k (367 mireds) at 100% intensity
  • Read: 2890k (346 mireds) at 100% intensity
  • Concentrate: 4292k (233 mireds) at 100% intensity
  • Energize: 6410k (156 mireds) at 100% intensity

This should help align colour temperatures between smart lights (and normal ‘dumb’ bulbs) where needed. Unfortunately Hue’s own app doesn’t display colour in numerical format.

Hue and Home Assistant (by default) set colour temperature in Mired. SmartThings (and normal ‘dumb’ bulbs) use Kelvin.