Ben Smith

Ben Smith


Outlook Web Access as a Mac app for Office365 (with unread message badge)

Some businesses use Office365, but block access from desktop applications. This isn’t as painful as it once-was, but it buries my most-used tool in yet another browser tab and I miss a dedicated dock icon and unread count.

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Backing-up Apple Photos without relying (only) on iCloud

As a family we are all-in on Apple Photos… Our images are ‘magically there’ on phones, tablets and laptops. We share photo streams with family and make albums of important events. And whilst we mostly use iCloud to sync images, it’s reassuring to know they are all backed-up ’in the cloud’ too.

But I don’t trust Apple’s copy to be my only copy - we talked about this in detail on this week’s 361 Podcast.

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Apple SVP confirms quitting apps won’t improve battery life

A definitive answer: You don’t need to manually close each background app in iOS.

361 Podcast: Mobile World Congress 2016 [S12E02]

This week the team review the mobile industry’s annual gathering in Barcelona: Mobile World Congress. Ewan is championing #MWCinaday again, but Rafe’s seen it all and gives us the low-down on hardware, virtual reality, 5G (yes, it’s a thing; no, you can’t have it yet) and the ‘internet of things’.

There is a brief (safe for work) discussion of bovine fertility and the phrase 'cow fitbit' is used once towards the end of this week's show. We apologise to those of a sensitive disposition or listeners that expected better than childish giggling (although it's been 12 seasons so you should know by now).

361 Podcast: Smartest home challenge: Conclusion [S11E11]

This season’s challenge was both a brilliant idea (it’s had really positive feedback from interested listeners) and wildly ambitious. We thought it would ‘simply’ be a case of choosing some products but the costs and integration complexity is still substantial. As one listener commented “shouldn’t it be called the ’switching lights on and off’ challenge’?”

The team make their final assessment of progress in their smartest home challenge. What worked, what didn’t and - more importantly - who won? The team consider 11 weeks of attempting to make their home ‘the smartest’ and can only agree on one thing… it was harder than we thought.